• Propane Safety

  • Safe, Clean, Efficient.

    1/17/14 | Posted By Staff

    The Propane industry thrives every day to produce the most helpful, easy to understand, and valuable set of safety information on its product. The links to the right will send you to the best safety information available. These links will help increase your knowledge of propane, and teach you how to be a safe consumer of it. If you have any questions about propane that you don't see covered here, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-Kuhn-LPG, or e-mail us at safety@kuhnlpgas.com.

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  • Online Safety Brochure

    2/30/14 | Posted By Mike Kuhn

    Here at Kuhn & Company the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority. Every year we mail our customers a safety pamphlet. This pamphlet gives our customers a resource to help them keep themselves and their loved ones safely using propane. By clicking the link on this post, you too can view the pamphlet we use to help keep our customers safe.

    Safety Pamphlet Link


  • Kuhn & Company Trains Local Fire Departments With Live Burn


    Kuhn & Company holds the safety and security of it's customers in the highest regard. One of the ways we maintain a high level of safety to our customers is through training with local emergency service providers on how to successfully handle propane related emergencies. The link below will take you to a photo gallery of several local departments participating in live fire exercises put on by Kuhn & Company to increase their knowledge and efficiency at handling the most difficult propane related emergencies.