Services and Solutions

For over 100 years and four generations, we here at Kuhn & Company have strived to provide our customers with the best service available. We can take care of all your propane needs, from filling your grill tank to an industrial 10,000+ gallon system. We provide a unique propane consumer experience, one without costly contracts or hidden fees. Call at your convenience to be filled, or sign up for our auto-fill program so you don't ever need to worry about running out of fuel.


We are professionals in installing, and maintaining many different types of propane systems. Whether you heat your entire home with propane or just have a gas fireplace, we can provide service you can count on. If you have a few forklifts that run on propane or an entire warehouse that's heated by it, we can help you strengthen your bottom line. Please check the links below to find which meets your needs, and then give us a call to find out how we can help.


- Home Heating - Above or Below Ground Tanks - 250/500/1000 Gallon Tanks

- Propane Fireplaces - 100lb Cylinders

- Garage, Barn, or Shop Heating - 124/250 Gallon Tanks

- Gas Grill -- Small Tanks Refills




- Large Scale Propane Heating

- On Site Delivery and Service

- Large Project Consulting

- Filling Centers or Exchange Racks



- Large Scale Propane Heating

- 10,000 Gallon per Delivery Capability

- Around the Clock Service Options

- Auto-Fill